General Questions

What is Tadpole Finance?

Tadpole Finance is an open source platform providing decentralized finance services for saving and lending. Tadpole Finance is an experimental project to create a more open lending markets, where users can make deposits and loans with any ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network.

Who is behind this project?

This project was initiated by Indodax and Tokenomy, then released to the community as an open source project.

I have some questions, how to get support?

For more information about Tadpole Finance project, let's connect on Telegram:

Official Channel: https://t.me/TadpoleFinanceChannel
English Group: https://t.me/TadpoleFinance
Indonesian Group: https://t.me/TadpoleFinanceIndonesia

If you think something can be improved, or you found a bug, please post it in Github, create a new issue in the relevant repository

What are the Tadpole Finance smart contract addresses?

Here is a list of Tadpole Finance smart contract addresses:

TAD Token

What is TAD?

TAD is an ERC-20 token used for governing and paying listing fees in Tadpole Finance. In Tadpole Finance, anyone can add any ERC-20 tokens into the markets to allow people to deposit or borrow the token with some interest. The TAD token also allows holders to vote on proposals for updates or changes to the Tadpole Finance protocol.

What happens to the TAD that is spent on the listing fees?

The token will be burned and removed from the circulation.

How to get TAD?

There are few ways to get TAD token, through Genesis Mining program, Platform Liquidity Mining, DEX Liquidity Mining, Developer Rewards program, and buy it in Uniswap.

Genesis Mining program is the initial TAD distribution that will be distributed to TEN holders. To participate this program, you need to hold some TEN tokens and stake them through https://tadpole.finance. This program will last for 30 days.

Platform Liquidity Mining (upcoming) is a reward program to motivate saving and borrowing activities in Tadpole Finance. In addition to saving interest, a number of TAD is distributed to both savers and borrowers according to the size of the savings & the loan portion.

DEX Liquidity Mining is a reward mechanism to ensure the liquidity of TAD and the supporting tokens are always maintained on decentralized exchanges. You can get TAD token by staking Uniswap LP tokens.

Developer Rewards program is distributed to all developers that are involved in developing Tadpole Finance platform.

Lastly you can get TAD by getting it through Uniswap.

What is the distribution of TAD?

Total supply of TAD is 1,000,000 TAD.

  • Genesis Mining: 200,000 (20%) (30 days period)
  • Platform Liquidity Mining: 500,000 (50%) (2 years period)
  • DEX Liquidity Mining: 200,000 (20%) (1 year period)
  • Developer Rewards: 100,000 (10%) (1 year period)
Is it safe to invest money in TAD?

Tadpole Finance is an experimental DeFi project. Investing in DeFi projects is considered very high risk. Before you decide to invest, please do your research and don't invest more than you can afford to lose.

Genesis Mining

What is Genesis Mining program?

Genesis Mining program is the initial TAD distribution that will be distributed to TEN holders. To participate this program, you need to hold some TEN tokens and stake them through Tadpole Finance app.

By the time the TAD token is generated, 200,000 TAD will be transferred to "Genesis Mining" smart contract. TEN holders can then start staking in the smart contract by depositing some TEN to get TAD as a reward. For every 1 ethereum block, 0.975 TAD will be distributed proportionally to each miner according to the portion of TEN staked compared to the total TEN staked by all miners. After 205000 ethereum blocks or about 30 days, Genesis Mining will end so that the total supply for Genesis Mining will be 100% distributed.

How much of TAD is distributed through this program?

Total of 200,000 TAD will be distributed through this program.

How long is the Genesis Mining period?

Genesis Mining will start on 13 October 2020 and will last for about 30 days (205000 ethereum blocks).

How do I participate Genesis Mining Program?

To participate Genesis Mining, make sure you have some TEN tokens and a minimum of 0.01 ETH in your wallet to pay the gas. Open Tadpole.finance, and select "Genesis Mining" from the menu. You can start staking your TEN from this page.


How to deposit a token to Tadpole Finance?

Make sure you hold the token you want to deposit, and small amount of ETH in your wallet. The ETH will be used to pay the transaction gas fee.

  1. Go to Tadpole.finance.
  2. on the supply side, click on the token you want to deposit.
  3. (skip if you deposited this token before) If you've never deposited this token before, it will ask you to approve allowance for the Tadpole Finance smart contract to pull your tokens. Click OK, approve the transaction through your wallet, then wait the transaction to be mined.
  4. (skip if you deposited this token before) Click on the token you want to deposit again
  5. Enter the amount of token you want to deposit, click continue.
  6. Approve the transaction in your wallet, then wait for the transaction to be mined.
  7. If you provided sufficient gas price, your transaction will be mined in 1-2 minutes, and your deposit is success. You can refresh the page to see if the deposit is done.
How to borrow a token from Tadpole Finance?

To be able to borrow in Tadpole Finance, first you need to have some collaterals stored in the system. Collateral is basically deposits that you approved to be locked as loan collateral. To enable collateral, switch the "Enable" on and approve the transaction.

Not all tokens can be used as collateral. You can only use tokens that have percentage bigger than 0% in the "coll" column.

Make sure you have small amount ETH to pay the transaction fee, then continue:

  1. Go to Tadpole.finance.
  2. On the borrow side, click on the token you want to borrow.
  3. Enter the amount of token you want to borrow, click continue.
  4. Approve the transaction in your wallet, then wait for the transaction to be mined.
  5. If you provided sufficient gas price, your transaction will be mined in 1-2 minutes, and your borrow is success. You can check your wallet to see if the borrowed token is there.
How are the interests calculated?

Interest rates are determined algorithmically (based on supply and demand), and interest accrues every Ethereum block. Interest is calculated in real-time based on supply and demand. When liquidity is plentiful, interest rates are low. As liquidity becomes scarce, interest rates increase, incentivizing new supply and the repayment of borrowing.

Developer Rewards Program

What is Developer Rewards program?

Tadpole Finance is managed as an open source project. We invite all developers to participate in developing this project. As a reward, 10% of the TAD supply (Tadpole Finance platform token) will be distributed to developers who contribute to the Tadpole Finance codebase.

How do I participate in Developer Rewards Program?

To participate in this program is very easy. You can find issues you want to resolve and features you want to develop through official Github and roadmap. You can participate in all repositories, both smart contracts, frontend, and other supporting infrastructure.

To get started, please fork the repository at https://github.com/Tadpole-finance to your personal Github account. And after developing an issue or a feature, feel free to make a pull request to the main repositories. Your pull request will go through the review stage. And if the code review passes, your code will be merged and you are entitled to a reward.

How are the rewards calculated?

The distribution of rewards will be measured based on a score that represents the level of difficulty and the significance of your contribution to the Tadpole Finance ecosystem. Score is defined as follows:

  • score: very-low (1)
  • score: low (2)
  • score: medium-low (3)
  • score: medium (5)
  • score: medium-high (8)
  • score: high (13)
  • score: very-high (21)
  • score: critical (34)

*) the numbers are calculated based on fibonacci if you are curious.

The core developers will determine a score for each incoming pull request by assigning a label to it. The score is subjective and final.

Every month, a reward of 8333 TAD will be distributed to contributors by calculating from the ratio of score obtained by each developer compared to the total score issued for that month.

For example, user1 made a pull request "Fix typo in documentation, TOD to TAD" and this is labeled as “score:very-low(1)”. At the end of the month, the total score from all pull requests is 97. The calculation of the reward obtained by user1 is:

1/97 * 8333 = 85.90 TAD

After the calculation is finished, user1 will get 85.90 TAD in his Ethereum wallet.

How long will Developer Rewards program be held?

This rewards program will last for 1 year, starting December 2020.

How do I get more information about technical details of Tadpole Finance?

You can check our GitHub repositories. We will add more technical documentations from time to time.

How do I ask if I have some questions regarding this program?

Let’s discuss them at dev Telegram group: https://t.me/TadpoleFinance.